This is our line up of Glow In The Dark pigments, giving you a variety of vibrant and unique colours to chose from.

The "Glow In The Dark" range of pigments are a special type of photo-luminescent pigment, derived from non-radioactive natural rare earth mineral crystals that possess the unique capacity to absorb and store energy from ambient light. In darkness, the crystals instantly begin to emit a luminous glow by releasing the stored light energy. Natural rare Earth mineral crystals are the primary components that energise our Glow Pigments. Due to the utilisation of alkaline Earth aluminate, a relatively new technology, we offer the brightest and longest lasting phosphorescent pigments.

These pigments can be charged using natural sunlight for best results or with artificial UV lighting. 

These pigments can be used in many applications, most famously in:

Automotive Paint

Epoxy Resin Applications such as floors, worktops, jewellery etc

Plastic Making

Candle and Soap making

Cosmetic & Personal Care

Aqua Glow


Aqua Glow is part of the Glow In The Dark collection.

Blue Glow


Blue Glow is part of the Glow In The Dark collection.

Green Glow


Green Glow is part of the Glow In The Dark collection.

Purple Glow


Purple Glow is part of the Glow In The Dark collection.