This is our line up of Flakes and Glitter pigments, giving you a variety of vibrant and unique colours to chose from.

These pigments can be used in many applications, most famously in:

Automotive Paint

Epoxy Resin Applications such as floors, worktops, jewellery etc

Plastic Making

Candle and Soap making

Cosmetic & Personal Care

Candy Red Super Flake


Candy Red Super Flake is part of the Flakes & Glitters collection.

Gold Shimmer


Gold Shimmer is part of the Flakes & Glitter collection.

Pure Gold Flake


Pure Gold is part of the Flakes and Glitters collection.

Silver Shimmer


Silver Shimmer is part of the Flakes & Glitters collection.

Snow White


Snow White is part of the Flakes and Glitter collection.